Research Services


Historical Research Projects

If you’re looking for Notes on History to help you conduct research, locate documents, or answer your specific questions, this is the way to go.  Research is billed at a rate of $25 per hour.  Additional expenses, if needed, are charged at cost with the exception of travel expenses out of the Columbia SC area, which is billed at the prevailing Federal Travel Reimbursement rate.

Genealogy Research Assistance

If you need help with your family research project, this is where you want to be.  As mentioned in the video above, you can set up a project at the same rate as Historical Research Projects, or you can set up a pre-planned small project to answer specific questions.  While most research will fall under the general hourly research rate rather than one of the plans below, these plans may be the right fit for simple questions.

  • Family Research Plan ($29.99): This service will provide clients with a report detailing a research plan that they can then take and utilize for their own research.  Notes on History will conduct a search of resources available online and determine where you are likely to locate documents needed to construct a well-researched family tree.  The report will also make a recommendation as to whether you would benefit from paying additional money for a paid research site such as Ancestry.
  • Family Tree Starter Plan ($59.99):  This service will pre-package three hours at a discounted rate.  The client will receive a report detailing as much information as can be recovered online during that time frame.  Electronic copies of documents (with appropriate source citations) will be provided to the client as well.  The client will have the option of keeping the report private or allowing Notes on History to use the report in its online portfolio (with information on living persons redacted).
  • Family Research Project ($99.99): Similar to the Family Tree Starter Plan but with a report detailing as much information as can be recovered in five hours rather than three.



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