A Refresher on the Bill of Rights


Today is the anniversary of the day James Madison officially proposed what became the Bill of Rights.  To celebrate, here is as brief a refresher as I dare.

Now, because the Bill of Rights includes certain controversial topics, I do insist that comments be family friendly and in the spirit of civil discourse.  Unless you’ve got a problem with the Third Amendment, in which case you’re just a Communist….


Rule #2: I don’t care about your feelings, and neither do you.


Since I haven’t heard anyone get offended this hour, here’s something else that you can be indignant about: the month of August! Seriously. Get a grip, folks.

Also, if you don’t like this video, my daughter says you’re supposed to stick it to the man. So there’s that.


In this video, I mentioned I would put the link to Tertullian.org on the website.  Here it is:




Rule # 1: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Hello!  Today I’ll be talking about one of my favorite rules for understanding history: it seemed like a good idea at the time. Click below for the video!