Go Go Gadget DNA Kit!!!


Since the story broke in April, a number of people have asked me how it is the police could use the DNA of regular joes to crack a cold case. Its very simple- you go online, shout Go Go Gadget DNA KIT!!!! and voila!

Also, GEDMATCH.com and some basic knowledge of genetics helps. But mostly work on your Don Adams impression.



The New York Times article referenced in the video can be found at:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/27/science/dna-family-trees-cold-cases.html

A Refresher on the Bill of Rights


Today is the anniversary of the day James Madison officially proposed what became the Bill of Rights.  To celebrate, here is as brief a refresher as I dare.

Now, because the Bill of Rights includes certain controversial topics, I do insist that comments be family friendly and in the spirit of civil discourse.  Unless you’ve got a problem with the Third Amendment, in which case you’re just a Communist….


Rule #2: I don’t care about your feelings, and neither do you.


Since I haven’t heard anyone get offended this hour, here’s something else that you can be indignant about: the month of August! Seriously. Get a grip, folks.

Also, if you don’t like this video, my daughter says you’re supposed to stick it to the man. So there’s that.


In this video, I mentioned I would put the link to Tertullian.org on the website.  Here it is: