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Notes on History

Why is Notes on History trying to contact me?  This video will explain why, while giving you a nice warm fuzzy feeling at the same time.

Paul at Notes on History LLC is helping to identify the remains of American Armed Forces personnel lost in our past conflicts.  If you’re looking Paul up online to find out why he’s trying to contact you, this is the video to watch.  You may be able to help!

What Is Notes on History?

Notes on History LLC is a historical and genealogical research firm founded by historian and professional genealogist Paul Stoetzel.  Paul holds a Bachelors in History from Elmira College and a certificate in Professional Genealogy from Boston University. As of 1 January 2022, Paul has completed over 120 research projects for a variety of clients.

You can contact Notes on History for help with your genealogical or historical research projects. For clients looking for help with genealogical or historical research, click here for a description of some of the costs.  Of course, the best thing you can do is contact Paul to see what you might need.  You can click the link or send an email to to set up a phone call so we can discuss your project.

Through Notes on history, Paul also occasionally presents articles on a wide variety of historical topics and genealogical proofs.  These articles are hosted on YouTube but some can be watched here on Notes on History.

What Isn’t Notes on History?

While you are invited to ask for assistance with a project, students should not ask Notes on History to write your academic papers for you.  Paul didn’t do that for the popular kids in high school, and he certainly won’t do it now.